Anyone still alive who understands Editshare 3.07?

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It's VERY old, I know.  But we've currently got big problems with an Editshare 3.07 / Avid Xpress Pro HD set up.  They broke down a while ago and there's nearly 10 x 2 hours of 98% finished projects in them.
We had someone working p/t who was working on the projects over a couple of years.  They were nearly finished - we were about to hire in the digi recorder deck to play them out and then it all went very, very wrong. The media can no longer been seen.
The drives are mounted, we can see the projects in the project window but cannot get into the project files.
Is there anybody alive on this planet who understands version 3.07 of Editshare?
If so I am prepared to offer them my first born
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Re: Anyone still alive who understands Editshare 3.07?
have you tried contacting editshare?
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Re: Anyone still alive who understands Editshare 3.07?
Hey There,
Previous poster is most wise. Contact Editshare. They are a really nice bunch of people. I used to use Editshare circa 2005/6 with an Avid system. My advice is to leave it alone until you get help. Don't move or delete anything and don't impose backups etc unless told to do so by ES. Chances are that your project files are alright but just need relinking to the media files. I remember this happening….. a lot…….it's not the standard relink media steps it's beyond that. Possibly a corrupted data base file. Do you still have the original media and is it possible to recapture it in the event that ES can't help.
Good luck and please post back your results.

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