Archiving large .m2t file to disk(s)

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If you want to archive your final rendered .m2t file to disk but it's too large, then check out "TSSplitter".

This is a neat little app that splits the file into smaller pieces and gets a file that's 100% like the original source file.

quote: "no clicks or image glitches on the join position".

I can verify this claim, currently using Edius Pro 4 trial and wrote back to tape my edited 1 hour movie, a 11.5GB file.

TSplitter broke this file up into 3 DVD sized chunks in a few minutes so I don't think it's doing any harmful re-rendering.

The sections were individually playable in VLC and Media Player Classic, something not possible if I had used something like ZIP to split them and after I rejoined the pieces together again with TSPlitter the file shows the exact same number of bytes as the original

Edius's MPEG Writer accepted the file no problem and was able to write it to tape so all seems fine!

I'm buzzed..


Michael Renn
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Archiving large .m2t file to disk(s)

Thanks Clair
This seems a useful little program, although I haven`t a use for it at this moment its certainly worth having. There may well be a time in the near future when I need something like that.