!@#!$%* Arghhh ,,,,,,Need Help in for a New System?

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Hi All (Sorry I think I was in the wrong section)

Can all you fine people on this great board give me some sound (DV Capture)advice??? As you might guess a NewBee on the Scene!

Need to Get a new system (PC) but would like to get in to DV Editing!!!! but budget is a concern as Iam now out of work! but would love do some of this type of work to learn perhaps a different trade?? ....but back to the system...

Looking at Capture card Pinicale Liquid or a Canapus Storm ??? well??? a stupid coment already?
there are some PC boxes called ICE cube I think any good or just hype??? they say isdeal fo AV stuff or a normal tower case?

What CPU ? dual? HT? P4? AMD?
RAM?? type???
HD ??? two??? 120g??? each
DVD Writer -/+ R/RW ??? Sony???
Power Supply watts??
NetWork Card?
Sound Card?
Single ??? Twin LCD monitors??? 19"???
Liquid is a Vid Card??
or Premier Pro v 1.5 with Storm or can you still use this with Pinicale Liquid Card?
After Effects??
etc etc etc.......

Do you recomed building it yourself?

Please Help?



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Re: Build it yourself. A general comment on the market at the moment.

We're currently looking at our next crop of PCs for the students labs and have been looking at cost options for various setups. Whereas we would have said that the build it yourself option was definately cheaper up to a year or so ago, at the moment the price differential for the systems we've been looking at is less than £50 per system. Whilst £50 may not be peanuts, couple this with a three year warranty that seems to be common with ready built systems and this disadvantage kind of disappears. And you haven't got to spend time building it up with the possibility of mistakes.

This is valid for the type of system we normally use, but yours may vary (universal caveat).

Whatever, do the costing well and don't forget the shipping charges.

Just my 2p worth.


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unless you are a good builder of pc systems do not attempt to build a system based round a card like the canopus storm without a lot of research.

some people even after reading all the info have still managed to buy incompatible motherboards.

contact a good dealer , dvc in hove www.dvc.uk.com , or creativevideo www.creativevideo.co.uk , tell them what you want , how much you have to spend and see what they quote a comparative machine at.

Gary MacKenzie

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Hi ,
I found building a system rather hard. So it might be worth it to have someone do it for you. Do the research. I did learn a lot. And it might help out later.
My recomendations.

p4 ( many programs are tailored to p4 not amd)
asus motherboard
1 gb namebrand ram
2 sata hard drives ( more if poss ) ( raid if anaolog capture)
mutli format dvd burner
floppy ( bios updates, ghost, )
a name brand power supply like antec 400 watts ( 430 )
I wish I had gone gigabyte instead of ethernet.
I like the m-audio revolution sound card, but a santa cuz is cheap and will work
I like 2 19" crt moniters. I have space. I also like how they look better then the flat screens.

I also recomend having one drive on a removable caddie.

good luck and let us know what you do Michael

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