Audio Beep and Video Freeze in Premiere 4.2 LE

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Brian Mudie
Joined: Aug 2 1999

Does anyone have a fix to cure an audio beep and a frame freeze when opening a new avi. file in the clip window of Premiere 4.2LE. So far the beep lasts anything from 5 to 8 frames and starts anything from 5 to 7 frames into the clip. The video freezes from the beginning of the clip and can last up to 15 frames.
I've tried the AntiBeep program from from this web site and it manages to remove 90% of the beep but the new audio file is always slightly shorter (usually 1 or 2 frames) than the original.The video frames always remain frozen.
I am aware that I can shorten the clips which is what I've been doing so far but I would much prefer not to have this problem.
This is my very first movie edit and luckily I've not experienced any other problems. So far have managed to record back to tape 18 mins of movie using miroINSTANT Video.

My DV set up is as follows:-
DV Camcorder = Panasonic DX100B widgeted for DV IN
Sound Card = SB Live Value
Capture Card = DV300 (Driver Ver.1.50)
Video Card = Diamond Viper 550

Any help would be much appreciated.