Audio Mixing in Video Editing

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I do not know why software developers for video editing, never bother that much to develop and include with software packages such as Ulead Media Studio Pro 6, a digital mixer similar to any one included in audio sequencer programs, so as to be able to mix several tracks of audio together without the hassle of having to fade waves manually, and crosschexking your results again and again. Or am I missing something? Would appreciate your views maybe .......

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Have you seen Vegas Video by Sonic Foundry ?


"...Expand your audio processing capabilities using our award-winning Vegas Audio editing software, including DirectX audio effects like Reverb, EQ, Time Compress/Expand, and Noise Gate.

Encode/Save your files to many formats, including RealAudio G2 or RealVideo 8 (RM), Windows Media 7 (ASF), AVI, and QuickTime 4.0 (MOV). Audio formats include: AIF, MP3, WAV, and WMA.

Insert metadata command markers, including RealMedia or Microsoft ASF actions, to launch Web sites, display captions, and more.

Use the mix-to-player feature to instantly preview project sections in a variety of formats directly in the associated media player...."

...just a thought


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I've been using Vegas Video for a couple of weeks now and it's bloody good. Previously I've used MediaStudio Pro 6 and EditDV 2, Vegas is slightly less intuitive but far more powerful. As for sound, the control that you have over sound is amazing, not surprising really as Sonic Foundry are reknowned for their audio products like Soundforge, Acid etc.