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If this has been asked before, perhaps someone could point me in the right direction... If not:
To "doctor" the audio off a DV, is it possible to transfer it into a programme such as Cool Edit or Sound Forge (preferrably the latter as it also shows Video frames) complete with time code so you can edit then save as a wave file.
Alternatively, is there some way of extracting the audio and timecode and saving as a file?
Thanks, Keith.


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you can certainly do it in SoundForge 4 and 5, just remember not to delete chunks of audio as this then causes your audio to drift out of sync, but rather to adjust the selected section's volume to 0. (Sorry if this is rather obvious but I learned the hard way.) And as SoundForge 5 supports Direct X, then you also have access to loads of plug-in processors for noise curtailing, compression, normalising etc.

I often clean-up audio directly in SoundForge 5. Hope this helps, Mark