AV Master repair?

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Hi there,
Can an AV Master be repaired, and if so by who please?
Mine has no audio out on right channel. Recording is OK.
It could have been like that for years as I have never tried
to use it for two channel audio before. (For several reasons
I can't tolerate "stereo" audio in association with a tv set
sized picture.)

Thank you. Tony...

jimmy the jock
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AVM fault

Are you absolutely sure it is not the audio cable at fault? or you may be using a mono cable!

If it is broke you can buy one on ebay or contact me as I have a brand new card I kept for a spare that I might be willing to sell!

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Av Master Repaired

Hello Jimmy,
I do apologise for my late response.
Certainly it appeared to be the AV Master that
had lost "right" channel audio, and no it was definitely
not a wiring problem, but thank you for the suggestion.
I have fixed it (in a manner of speaking), so just
in case anyone else happens across the same thing let me
explain what the real cause was.
Some time back I decided that a tone reference would
be useful, instead of using an external generator to
put bars and tone at the head of a tape. So I installed
the NCH Tone generator software. (nch.com.au/tonegen)
Needing so-called stereo operation for the first
time recently I configured the software to produce two
outputs. It was at this point that I discovered that
one channel was missing (and not just from the tone
generator). After quite a bit of testing I came to the
conclusion that the card itself was faulty, as you know.
While dealing with another quite unrelated problem
I got to the stage where a complete re-install was
necessary, so I overwrote the drive with my Ghost image.
(Isn't Ghost wonderful!)
I now had two channel audio! But the Ghost image was
made before the NCH generator was installed. A few
experiments showed me that installing the NCH generator
killed the right channel output from the AV Master. So
I now put tone on tape from an external generator again.
In fairness to the NCH people I should mention that
their rather nice little program has given no trouble
on any other computer that I have tried it on, so if you
happen to need a computer sourced tone it is worth taking
a look at it. It is just unfortunate that it does not do
the one thing that I needed it for.


jimmy the jock
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Glad to hear you got sorted!