AV MASTER Softeware Installation-System freezes

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I had to reformat and install my Operating system (Win 98se). After installing the AV MASTER 2000 card every time I start the setup.exe it causes the system to freeze up. Its not the drive, I have cheaked it by installing other software since. I have tried three times and its the same. Maybe the CD disk has gone bad? I have gone thru the disk, and viewed read me file, etc. If so, can anyone refere me to where I can replace it?

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jimmy the jock
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What editing software are you using? If its MSP6 or 6.5 remember you have to install this first

The order of install for msp6 is

1.Install msp6
2.Install the dv patch from msp site
3.Install the avmaster driver

Make sure you are using build 24 of the avm software which is specifically for win98se

If you need further help e mail me for a quicker response

avmaster AT btinternet DOT com