Avid ExpressDV vs Matrox RT2000 vs Media 100 vs Pinnacle 2000

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Hello everybody,

I am in the position where I have to recommend the purchase of a non-linear
editing system to a local video production company. I have studied sources in my
area, and have decided that the most reasonable systems (price wise) are the Avid
ExpressDV, the Media 100, the Pinnacle 2000 and the Matrox RT2000. I now have to document the benefits and drawbacks for each of these systems, and recommend one for purchase. I found lots of technical information on these systems,
but cannot find any unbiased opinions about which system is best (from experienced users). I am running out of time! If anyone has any experience with these systems, or general information at all, please email me at
Thank you so much!

Jan van der Meer
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Mark Henderson
Hello Mark
Just for you (and other Site visitors of course) we made a conclusion / comparison list. Have a look at our new Hot News page!
at www.Global-DVC.Org

Jan van der Meer
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