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Ian thomas
Joined: Oct 23 2006

Hi sorry if this sounds silly but can someone tell me how to find the image stabilizer feature in Avid 7.2 it says its in there but i can't find it

Derek Langford
Joined: Aug 28 2004

Ian Hi !

You will find the image stabiliser in he following area

within hte project window open the tag named library
Go to the rack folder named Realtime Clip FX and open
In this folder go to the rack named Editors and you will find it under stabilize ( the american spelling)

However my brief experience with it has been sadly disapointing and I now prefer to export edited clips via the export file feature to Adobe Affter Effects and you the stabiliser in this program. It is a little long winded but the results are far superior.

Another alternative is to use a program named Mercalli from a company named Prodad ther is a free download from thprodad website which you can then plug into Liquid.

I have found that the program works well and it has a good press from DV Doctor. The free download once attached to Liquid can be dragged and dropped onto hte clip as any other effect can be but to make it operate you then have to open the effect within the clip in the usual way by by right clicking on the pink bar on the top of th clip to which it has been applied then make final adustments to the type of stabilisation effect from the program dropdown menu.
You will see that th cost of this program for the full version is circa £90 If I hadn't already purchased effter effect I think it would be top of my to buy list !!

I hope that this helps!!


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Ian thomas
Joined: Oct 23 2006

Hi Derek

Thanks for that, i did manage to find it and like you iam not impressed and yes i have heard of mercalli and i think i will give it a go

Thanks again

Matthew Brockman
Joined: Nov 4 2002

Best image stabiliser for Liquid 7.2 (and most other NLE's for that matter) is ProDad's Mercalli:-


There is another thread on this forum in the 'general' sub-forum where it is discussed in detail. It costs a few quid, but it is well worth it.


Otherwise Harold Linke has a VirtualDUB stabiliser plug-in on his site, which is free, but has mixed reports on its effectiveness. The site is worth a visit anyway because there are lots of other handy, free VirtualDUB plug-ins there.


The Liquid stabiliser is next to useless.

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The Liquid Stabiliser really is rubbish. As a result I got the Mercalli Stabiliser and use it from within Liquid 7.1 - it's magic. The presets work really well and allow tweaking to get near perfection.

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