Batch capture problems

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After scanning my Dv tape when batch capturing to my hard drive, some clips abort... trying to manually capture those failed clips, some pass through as other refuse even after several attempts. What could be the problem ? Also, I remarked that even if (in Premiere 6 project settings) audio is set to 2 channels, in Fast project manager the clips are captured with 4 audio channels ? What is the matter ?

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I've found that if there are errors in the digital data stream (i.e., bad data read from the tape) it can abort the capture. These errors may be within the capability of the camcorders playback error correction and concealment scheme so they do not show up on a monitor but they can prevent a good firewire copy or capture. They also may prevent making a good firewire copy to another camcorder or digital VCR.

On the very few occsions I've run into this I resorted to using manual capture via the S-VIDEO connection.