batch processing in Photoshop

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tom hardwick
Joined: Apr 8 1999

Is there a way to batch process loads of pictures at once in Photoshop 6? My friend downloads loads of pictures from the digital cam to the pc and wants to send them all out as small jpegs attached to emails. Can they all be done in one fell swoop?


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An 'Action' command in Photoshop allows you to record all the keystrokes you wish to include in your batch process, and when activated goes through the specified folder doing the 'action' to every file therein.
I'm not sure if the Export to Web facility is enabled in this process though, as that is calling on Image Ready's compression engine. Certainly you can batch process ordinary Photoshop JPEGs in this way, but they may not be as small a file as Image Ready can achieve.

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You just create a macro and add it to the actions palette

John Farrar
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Irfanview can also do what you want. You just select the files you want to convert, how large you want the files etc. and hit the key. Its another option anyway and Irfanview is free.

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As PaulD says, you can create your first image to the size of web Jpeg you require, whilst recording in the actions palette. Then apply to the newly created folder with the required web images in (duplicate the originalimages in case you need the original sizes)then attach to emails to suit.

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