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Joined: Jun 2 1999

Anyone recommend the battery grip for 300D? I take it, it doesn't come with the batteries needed?

Gavin Gration
Joined: Jul 29 1999

I have one for my D30 - it makes the camera a fair bit heavier for all day use.

The benefits are that it takes two BP511 batteries so you can shoot all day without changing batteries. It has an extra set of buttons for vertical use (portrait mode). Also - you pictures are rotated the right way up when the grip shutter release has been used.

Would I miss it - probably not - battery life is excellent anyway and they only take a minute to change. I have big hands & can reach the normal shutter release for portrait photos.

It does make the camera look big and important (to some people). It also takes up lots more room in your bag.

Some say it balances the camera with larger lenses. Well I some very heavy f2.8 lenses and the camera simply dangles off the end of them - with or without the grip!

£100 spent towards better/other lenses might be more worthwhile.

The 300D grip currently only fits that camera - if you trade up to say a 20D you can't take the grip with you.

I'm selling my D30 to buy a used 10D - luckily the grip I have will fit the 10D but not the 20D.

Having had one I'll keep it. However, I wouldn't say it's a must have item.

HTH - didn't intend to drift into rant mode.


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Appreciate the opinions Gavin. The weight thing probably puts me off as my wife uses the cam too.

Stuart B-M
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Cannot comment on the 300, but when i had an Olympus E-20 the Battery pack/weight was a major bonus.

The added size/weight made the camera better balanced, which not only gave two days shooting, it gave a massive confidence boost, which imho added more to my ability...than my ability.

Better handling, grip, and power makes a big difference.
Might be worth adding a pack in Jessops or the like, then if your wife feels it too heavy/cumbersome, you will have a quantifiable answer.

Kind Regards