Becoming friends with your clients

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Starting out, I've been lucky to have some very pleasant customers up to now and it's somewhat sad when I look back on the moment and realise I might never cross paths with them ever again. You know, we're all too focused on the pace of the day's events and our face to face time with the client might only add up to a few minutes. Then we hear their life story over and over as we edit their speeches. I'm just wondering if many of you establish good friendships with most of your customers after they have received the finished product, or if they are never to be heard from again.

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When we did weddings, we only ever saw/spoke to a few VERY local clients after the wedding and delivery of finished discs: those whom we literally met in the street. We were actually a different generation from the couple, so I guess they're not that bothered about keeping in touch on a personal level.

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A bit of both Castle. Some vanish for ever. Some stay good friends and some move on to have other products / business connections.

As a newbie I seem to recall feeling quite crushed when we didn't hear anything from clients who received our 'wonderful' wedding films - almost like letting your baby go LOL ... but all that passes as you become more established.

We all provide business products and while it is lovely to make some friends, the point of it all is to make a profitable business so we can all afford to spend time with family and friends we already know!! Watching life and filming the best bits ...

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I'd no more expect to become bosom buddies with a client than expect the guy who services my car to pop round on the weekends to borrow my lawnmower.

I do a job, and get paid, the client isn't interested in my private life and I'm not in his. I do gigs where it's a regular event., or an annual one where you're living there for a week, and you get a little more chatty after doing a few gigs, but it's not friendship.

I have worked with someone who's entire aim seems to become (my term) "over familiar"
and it's embarrassing - I don't know what the client thinks.

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CastleFilms wrote:
I'm just wondering if many of you establish good friendships with most of your customers after they have received the finished product,

Oh yes! VERY good friendships on some occasions! and it has ended in many broken marriages in the TV business.
It's never a good idea to mix business (any business) with pleasure, IMHO.
Sadly, I never took this advice and suffered badly on one occasion.
Happily, I never took this advice and found great happiness on another occasion.
When you have worked closely for a very long time as a "team", the end of a shoot can be, shall I say, an intoxicating moment but it is still business and as such should remain so.
So, on your own head be it.

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I've ended up really good friends with a few of my couples! I haven't sought it - it's just happened naturally. Been out for drinks a couple of times with one couple. Gone round to see babies when they are born - that kind of thing. Lots of messages on facebook. All very lovely! So far it hasn't caused any problems and I was flattered by it really!