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Hi All

My PC has the following spec

-Aopen AX63Pro (VIA Chipset) motherboard with Celeron 466 and 128MB Ram
-ATI Xpert 98 graphics card
-Teac CD Rom drive IDE
-Yamaha CD-RW 6416 SCSI used with an Iwill SCSI interface card
-IBM 13.5 GB ATA/66 HDD (I know I will have to add a large HDD for holding the video files!)
-An old OPTI sound card in the Legacy ISA slot (manually adjusted IRQ to share with printer for sound output to work?)
-Wacom Graphire USB Tablet
-Swift Compact Flash Card Reader USB
-Small monitor (for now) 800x600 only
-Windows 98SE (with update)
-To be used with Sony 120e

I am looking for an economical DV card with usefull/usable software, the Pyro DV looks very good value but various references on the forum for this card suggest that there are problems encountered with its install and usage?

What would you suggest (I would prefer not to have to replace my mainboard for an Intel Chipset at this time) also rather than use DV in widget is there a DV board that supports output to VHS VCR, I can not justify the likes of the expensive Pinnacle range that seem to have all sorts of options.

Sorry to be longwinded but your guidance and advise would be most welcome

Laurence Berle

PS Has anybody tried the new GigaByte board with Firewire ports?

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Ho hum

johnpr98 guilty of knocking via chipsets

I do highlight problems that some users have with this chipset but not all users have problems & those that have aren't all using the Pyro.

I know I am sticking my kneck out but AFAIK software devlopers write programmes with intel as the standard, other chipsets are fixed with updates, sometimes.

Many people can use a via chipset for games & Office work & never have a problem, once Video Editing comes into the equation every resource your computer has is required for top rate pefomance.

My son had a TNT2 3DFX card & I failed (& my tech) to get it to work on a SIS chipset, changed to a BX motherboard (intel)& no problems.

I accept that this is a simplistic explanation & I would love to be shot down & proved wrong, JackSwan uses the Pyro with WinME & a Apollo mb & has no probs.


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Gavin Gration
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Pyro 1394 at £79.00 is a good bet for starters.

My Pyro started out in a PIII 550, Jetway 994ASL VIA Appollo Pro VIA 133, no real problems. Recently I have swapped it into an Athlon 700 Jetway KX177 Athlon Appollo Pro VIA 133. Again no probs.

The Athlon board and chip used to be in a Digisuite LE, it suffered from randon crashes in Premiere. The same board is fine with both RT2000 and DPS Velocity dual boot.

You will only really find out if a board works OK you try it in your specific setup.

The new Pinnacle card StudioDV+ offers analogue out. With Pyro & others most enabled DVcams show the firewire output from your PC on the analogue out as a pass thro, only certain JVC's (& clones) don't do this.