Best way to convert files WMV or AVI to Mpeg2?

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I have been trying to absolutely no avail to transform my WMV files into MPG2 or VOB files so that I can burn them to DVD. I have easily converted my WMV into AVI and MPG but cannot seem to make them friendly to my DVD authoring software (U-Lead DVD movie factory 2).
I have tried using two pieces of software: tempgenc and AVI to Mpeg. Both seem to just convert it to plain old MPG1. Any ideas on the best way to convert to Mpeg2?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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in my view one of the best avi to mpeg = procoder lite.
wmv to mpeg = not sure but have a look for a suite of programs called 'bink and smacker' which is a pretty good converter / editor. which will do wmv to avi

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Thanks Gary,
I am still having problems though. I have been able to convert from mpg to AVI, but cannot seem to get proper Mpeg-2 files.
When I use programs to convert to Mpeg-2 I think I do it successfully. (When I right mouse click on a file and go into properties, it says mpeg stream 2) but these files are not the same as those that I output to mpeg-2 from Let's Edit.
When I try to use U-Lead Movie Factory to make a DVD from my Let's Edit mpeg-2s (M2P files) they work well on U-Lead. When I try to use my "mpeg stream 2" files on U-Lead, it says "unregistered" on the top left hand corner, and the quality is crap.
I must be going wrong somewhere. Just can't seem to figure out where.

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I recommed you another program named WinAVI Video Converter In fact, it is a complete solution for video file converting and burning. Please have a try. Good luck!

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I think you may be on a loser here. WMV files are heavily compressed. Conversion to AVI uncompresses but will not improve quality and there will be a further loss of quality converting to MPEG1 or 2. If you have the native DV files, which will be comparable to uncompressed AVIs these will be easily converted to good quality MPEG2s by MF2.
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