Blending 2 video clips?

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Strange one: I need to take two video clips and play them at the same time but blend left to right from one to the other. Ie: you get one clip on the right, the other on the left, but in the middle they are dissolved into each other. I cropped both th 60% so you get 20% in the middle with both clips, using transparancy, but you get two hard edges, I need them to feather. Any ideas?

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If you can use Quick Time on your files, you can use Pixelan Spices to do things like that very easily.

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in premiere use a track matt:

clip1 on any video track,
clip2 on the track above that,
Matt.jpg on the track above that,
set the transparency on clip2 to "track matt"

where matt.jpg is an image with black on one side, white on the other, and as much fade as you want in between. I made one using the gradient fill in photoshop.


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