Blu-Ray Settings in Encore CS4

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Paul M
Joined: May 23 2009

Hi everyone,

I have several weddings shot, captured and edited in HDV 1080i 25fps. Curently compressed to SD and burnt to SD DVD for clients play back.

The point of this thread is simply "What 'exact' transcode settings using Encore CS4 will work for building a high quality Blu-Ray image, that can be perfectly burnt onto a BD Disc, when i decide to offer it to my clients". Average final edit is around 45 mins to 1Hr.

These images MUST be perfect first time as i don't own a writer or media to 'test them', i am (like many others) needing to 'future proof' the current work. I need to delete the jobs to make free space for the next few wedding productions.


Paul :confused: