Blue / Green paint for chromakeying

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Hi all...
I don't know if this is a stupid question or not... but :

Anyone know if there is a close match to the proper Blue/Green colours used by professionals for chromakeying, made by Dulux or someone. I just thought that maybe B&Q or Wickes might be able to make a good mix. Should it be a matt finish I wonder ?

Any ideas ?

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I think it's a very good question. I don't know the answer mind you, but I too have never been sure about the matt or gloss question.

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I would suggest matt to stop flaring from the backlighting.
This topic has been raised before , and i'm sure it had some good answers .

i must admit that we bought 'savage bluejay' paper roll from our video equipment supplier , a high quality 3 metre wide roll of paper , 20 to 30 metres in length which we use as a background for chromakeying ..... can be moved to any room , rather than painting one fixed wall in a room.

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Excellent stuff... thanks

Looks like I will be at B+Q at the weekend


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We use fabric on the walls and a close match of A4/3 paper on the floor. That way we chuck out the stuff that's covered in footprints.
Cheap polyester tends to wrinkle less than 100% cotton.
If you use paint, don't use gloss. I'd get a sample & check your system for compatibility first.
Proper chroma paint is v. expensive - Rossco make it so any thatrical / lighting supplier should be able to help.

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HI, there's a good article at you might want to peruse, hope there's something of use for you. Cheers