Blue ray duplication.

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I have a 7x DVD duplication tower but I'm considering a Blue ray version.
Is anyone using one? If so any recommendations or comments?
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Gavin Gration
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Re: Blue ray duplication.
Had one for a couple of years - ours has LG drives - very quick at DVDs - Blu-ray much slower but reliable.
I had to pull all the drives out to update the firmware - took half a day but apart from that no issues.
Ours is based on an early Edge10 controller - it's IDE but the drives are all SATA with adapters.
We write to BDRE discs using Encore and test them in a player. If that works I duplicate from the RE disc onto normal BD-Rs.
Verbatim and Maxell are the only brands of disc we use. Have used some  LTH versions (after the firmware patches) with no problems.