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Does anyone out there in professional video land know the industry standard for the submission of finished TV program material to broadcasters.

i.e in what format will they require program material in order to slap it on to their VTR machines. I know that they obviously can use “any” video source if the program warrants it, but I assume that for finished “in the can” type programs they must have some minimum, or required standard of tape media.

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On another topic, If anyone out there works for any of the smaller ITV digital or Sky channels (Discovery, Men and Motors etc.) Can you please drop me your email address, I just want to pick your brains on a couple of topics.
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The most common tape standard across the UK is Digibeta. DVPro is getting more common as well, for economic reasons.

If you're trying to sell finished programme to a broadcaster, all this will become clear when you try to set up the deal, it'll all get spelled out for you.

If you're trying to sell material for inclusion in a programme, the market's wide open. Any format you like as long as the material's either unique (like Concorde crashing) or of adequate quality (and that's where all the arguments come in). Most broadcasters either have kit, or will use a facilities house, to accept non-broadcast formats.

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Not going to get involved in this one again!!

Alan's said it all anyway.

But for BBC delivery info try here:

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