Cables for 1 penny each, yes really

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Link to Amazon here: HERE

Presumably someone can make money at this pice?

Pete Allen
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Plus £4.59 delivery. :eek:

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Duncan Craig
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The link price has £1.45 all in.

I've just bought a load of 2m and 5m HDMI extensions from CCL in Bradford.
Very pleased as I went and collected them:


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The specific advertiser that is linked, is selling them for £1.45, but if you click on the link to the 48 other sellers there are still at least 8 selling at 1p each.

If you really want to splash out, there is one selling for 5p with £8.85 postage.

I don't know about Amazon, but low cost and high postage is an old con on eBay so the seller doesn't have to pay high fees to eBay which include a percentage of the final selling price, but not the postage component.

Richard Wisz Media Services

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Re: Cables for 1 penny each, yes really

For 1 metre cable I'm happy to get them from a local pound shop. They all work so far, and if they play up I can take them straight back. For anything longer or more specialised, I find CPC hard to beat. They sell all quality ones up to and including the gold plated 'snake oil' rip-offs for mug buyers, - and all at the prices that resellers buy at.
Delivery is now free from them as well!