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does anyone know where to get some good insurance so I can cover my camera in spain.
cheers people

Dave R Smith
Joined: May 10 2005

See this thread.

There are others if you search insurance.

Although - most mentions are for full time videographers in this country.

Your household insurance may be best bet, they often have extra sections for items taken out of house/country, but there may be a single article limit.

Also your travel insurance may cover it (to a limit).

And if it's covered in one policy - it may mean it's excluded in another.
This could conceivably give situations where you are covered twice and neither insurer will pay.

I see you are a Banker (I'm an ex-banker - but not a deceased banker - python joke) and are into extreme sports - me too when I get the chance.
Check the exclusions on policy - dangerous sports often excluded.

Claim form:
Place of accident: Cresta Run???

Insurance co's riggling out of payment on policies is standard practice.