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Any one had any dealing with this company?

Ordered a Pentax k-x with 2 lens kit from then at the end of last year - got the camera & one lens - still waiting for the other a month later.......

Been told by them that it was out of stock - then in stock & will be dispatched on Friday - following week told it's out of stock!

Am I likely to get the lens??????

H and M Video
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Googled it before I was ready to place an order for a Panasonic HD Cam.
and here

Some of the reasons I decided to go elsewhere.


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Dave R Smith
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In view of links I'd advise credit card company without further delay.

tom hardwick
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Contact your credit card company right now Kevin. Right now. You did pay by credit card, didn't you? And the total bill came to over £100?

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Yep - used a credit card - Yep - was over £100 (& I used a cash back card ;) )
Lens arrived late last night - seems to work OK.
If I'd bought this on ebay, I'd give the company 0 stars for delivery & 0 stars for communications!
I still think the camera is a great little camera & I got it at a good price - I'll give it a good work out over the next week as we're off to Marrakesh.