Can I import a graphic file larger than the screen area?

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I'd like to be able to import graphic files that are taller and wider than the TV screen area, so that I can then pan and zoom around them rostrum camera-style.

Is it possible to import such files into Premiere *without* having the computer automatically scale them to fit the screen?

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I think premiere always resizes it to the screen size ,but that wont stop you doing a pan and zoom using image pan and the quality is good.I have used this many times and seen no problems.

Alan Roberts
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When I was using Premiere to edit, I could import stills up to 4000x4000 without them being resampled. So the Image Pan filter (or whatever it was/is called) could crop and animate it happily.

Now I use Cinestream 3 (the successor to Digital Origin EditDV 2) and can do the same with stills up to 3000x3000 but with better image quality (I'm beta testing it, so I get to be really picky about things like this).

I'd be surprised if any of the better video edotors can't do exactly the same.

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