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I have some video clips that I need importing into Final Cut, which will then be put into a graphics sequence, which will then be put into Avid.

Time is quite important at the moment, so I was thinking whether an idea I have would be possible.

Capturing and editing the footage at home on my laptop via firewire, then saving the footage as an AVI file. Giving the edit suite the file, and then just importing that.

Would there be a loss in quality here?

Also, some of the footage was DigiBeta transfered to MiniDV. Will this result in a further loss in quality (however please keep in mind this is just footage for a graphic sequwnce where the image is a factor (perhaps a good 20th) of a full screen.

Thanks for your help!

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Happened to be browsing this section and saw your post. It's probably too late now, but you'd have been better off posting in Mac Video Editing or Desktop Video General


Z Cheema
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that should be fine, just watch out for codec problems or use Quick Time if macs are going to be used.