Can you combine two LANC leads?

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Hi All
Is it possible to join two lanc wires together and use one controller to operate two cameras?
What I would like to do is mount two Sony DCR PC9e on my motorcycle one facing front the other rear but controlling both with one Lanc controller i hope you are with me.

just interested to know if it'll work before butchering two Lanc leads?

many thanks

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You don't need to butcher two Lanc. leads. Why not carefully strip back the cable insulation on a small area of one cable and see how many cables are there. If there are loads of cables it might be difficult or impossible to join so many. There presumably isn't a 2 way adaptor available to do this.
You can re-cover the bit of cable that you have exposed with insulation tape.
Surely the easiest way is to have a cable and controller to each cam and just switch them both on.