cannot download movie from my HC3 to computer

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I hope this is the forum to post such a question. I am long time computer user and I know quite a lot about computers and softwrae but nothing about HD cameras. I have a Sony HC3E camcorder and I am trying to connect it to my Windows XP computer with firewire cable. Windows XP is brand new installed, fully patched with SP2 etc. When I connect the camcorder it gets detected by Windows immediately, in control panel/device manager I can see my camera under "Sound, video and game controllers", it's called "AV/C device".

Now the problem, whatever software I run I cannot get it to download the HDV1080i movie to my computer, I have a movie recorded on the camcorder exactly in that format, I tried Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas 6.0, CapDVHS, none of them see my camcorder and I cannot download the movie. The movie is recorded in HDV1080i and I cannot output it from camcorder in DV format (I get some message from camcorder saying it cannot be done), but when I change the camcorder into CAMERA/TAPE mode and output in DV my camcorder is detected again and I can download from it.

Why is that and how can I download movie in format HDV1080i to my computer?