Cannot get trimmed a DV-AVI movie in MS Movie Maker

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It turns out that my MS Windows Movie Maker (further - MM) saves an untrimmed clip (Save Movie menu) in DV-AVI format, instead of expected trimmed one.
The long story is as follows.
* A ripped DVD (a vob) was converted to a DV-AVI file (on a Mac, not sure which program, should not be relevant).
* It can be loaded into MM.
* It can be resaved again as a DV-AVI by MM
* It can be split in two or more clips, and the tail clip can be saved as a DV-AVI properly.
But the head clip of a split or trimmed/resized clip cannot be saved as intended in the DV-AVI format.
It saves, but so that only the sound track is trimmed, but the video goes all the way to the end of the original 'long' video.
It can be saved into other offered formats by MM, and that would be properly trimmed.
But the DV-AVI does not get trimmed!
Is there any workaround?
PLease help!
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You need to look at the limitations of the program you are using to edit this.
You can cut a dv avi file and save particular sections , but only if you do it properly.

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Thank you for getting to this matter too, Gary!

As I wrote, the MSMM would save the piece ok in some other formats, and in this one it does trim the sound track at the desired point, but not the video.

I'd appreciate any suggestion how to do this trimming properly.

Surprisingly, I did not hear so far it was an MSMM bug. If it's not - what else could be wrong?

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As Gary says, MM is a beginners' editor and is very limited in what it does. You need to move on very quickly.

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