Canon 400d and Metz Flash CL- 3 etc

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Peter Stedman
Joined: Oct 30 2000

I have a Canon 400D camera. Recently I acquired a Metz CL-3 flash along with an adaptor for the hotshoe SCA346/2AF. I’ve no instructions although I have used it frequently on manual with very good results. (I had a previous Metz (hammer)head so knew the basics).

Looking closely at the adaptor I discover that it has a compartment for 4 AAA batteries and that a panel on the top where the cable attaches, slides to reveal various electrical contacts. All this is a great mystery to me of course.

Can anyone explain to me a little about this kit? By adding the batteries would it be automatic with my Canon camera? I see no switch on/off on the adaptor etc. What about the sliding TTL/A/M switch. So many questions. I would be grateful for basic answers to start with.