Canon IXUS V3 - dpeth of field

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I want to achieve depth of field with my Canon IXUS. Nothing fancy, just kids shots in the garden sort of stuff, where the focus is on the subject and the background is out of focus. I can doctor my pics in photoshop to get the effect but its a bit laboured.
I've been through the IXUS manual - the AE setting gives me a some pointers to a certain degree but its still a bit of a lottery to get the effect I'm looking for. Trial and error has shown me that I can do it, but I'd like to be able to take a shot knowing that I will get it right. Can anyome offer any advice on shooting technique ?




Philip Woods
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GFC,I do not know the funtions of the Canon IXUS!
But if has aperture priority! Set it to full aperture! The shutter speed will be set, to suit the prevailing light, automatically!
This will give you the out of focus background you want!

Gavin Gration
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Full zoom with the aperture wide open is your only chance - even then your subject needs to be a fair distance from the background.

All compact cameras have a huge depth of field - for many users it's a bonus - but not if they want to get creative.

I could not have got this shot with my compact digicam.

This was taken with a 50mm f1.8 prime lens on a DSLR. The shallow depth of field was very deliberate.


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If the IXUS doesn't have anything specific, try 'sports' or 'action' mode. That will be trying for max shutter speed therefore large aperture. As has already been said, the DOF on digital compacts is huge so you may well have to play in Photoshop or similar.



Regards Keith