Canopus announces MediaEdge-LEB - real-time MPEG for live video network broadcasts

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Canopus announces MediaEdge-LEB, a real-time MPEG encoding solution that provides live video network broadcast from any network location.

READING, UK - (December 15 2004) - Canopus Corporation, a recognised leader in network video distribution, today announced MediaEdge-LEB.

MediaEdge-LEB is a standalone video encoding device, which provides real-time distribution of live video across a network, accessible to any MediaEdge2 set-top box (MediaEdge-STB2) or PC running the MediaEdge software client (MediaEdge-SWT2). Working either as a separate solution, or in conjunction with a MediaEdge-SVS2 server, MediaEdge-LEB encodes any analog video source into MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 and can instantly re-broadcast the encoded stream across a network.

MediaEdge-LEB is ideal for live event broadcast or redistribution of pre-recorded analogue video from any network location, and eliminates the requirement for the video feed to first be recorded and registered to a MediaEdge-SVS2 server. With MediaEdge-LEB, any MediaEdge client can accept a live video feed at any network location e.g. auditoriums, lecture rooms, sports stadiums or remote campuses. MediaEdge-LEB's built-in server provides client access to the encoded video stream, and the unit's configuration can be controlled either with the front panel or over the network via a Web browser.

When used with a MediaEdge-SVS2 server, MediaEdge-LEB provides the ability to encode video from a remote location, such as a video library, and then deliver the content to the MediaEdge server, based within a datacenter; automatically registered for immediate distribution across a MediaEdge network.

MediaEdge-LEB's advanced circuitry delivers high-quality, real-time MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video encoding and ensures perfect audio and video synchronisation of newly created and broadcasted streams. The unit supports both NTSC and PAL video and provides both unicast and multicast distribution.

MediaEdge-LEB will be available later this month from Canopus authorised dealers and system integrators. For more information regarding MediaEdge-LEB and other MediaEdge2 components, visit

About MediaEdge2 MediaEdge2 is an affordable video distribution system that uses the company's proven MPEG compression technology to deliver professional-level video over LAN-based networks. By supporting video-on-demand, live broadcast, streaming media applications and pre-programmed playback, MediaEdge is an ideal solution for high-quality video distribution in retail stores, schools, corporations, airports, museums and theatres.

MediaEdge2's major advantage over traditional kiosks and information stations is how easy it is to update and manage content. With past kiosks and information stations, each unit is self-contained and any updates to content must be made physically to each machine. With MediaEdge2, information is simply updated on the server once, and all clients are updated automatically.

About Canopus Co., Ltd.

Based in Kobe, Japan, Canopus Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures award-winning digital video solutions, including non-linear video editing and visual effects products for video professionals and enthusiasts, comprehensive video distribution solutions, digital video converters and broadcast equipment. Canopus boasts the industries most advanced real-time render-free multi-track video editing solutions with the highest quality HD, HDV, DV and MPEG Codecs. Combining innovative hardware and software designs to set new standards in performance, functionality and reliability, Canopus is a leading provider of video editing and graphics products. The company has offices in the U.K., Germany, Italy, Australia, U.S.A and China in addition to an extensive worldwide distribution network.

Canopus Europe - based in Reading, UK - distributes the company's full range of award-winning, desktop video processing tools for video professionals and enthusiasts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East as well as the UK. For further information click on, or call +44 (0) 118 921 0150.

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