Canopus & Fast AVMaster Queries?

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Pete Symes
Joined: Apr 8 1999

Hi All

I wonder if anyone using a Canopus DV Raptor with MSP5.2 can answer a few queries I have. I am currently editing using an AVMaster in an IBM A365 Dual Pentium Pro, 160 meg, 2 x 8gb UDMA HD stripped under NT to give one partition of 16gb. I am able to playback from the timeline projects in excess of 1hr at 7:1 compression or 3.30 mbs data rate without dropping frames.

I have, however just upgraded my camera to a Sony TRV900 and am considering upgrading my card to the DV Raptor. My questions are as follows;

1. Would I get better results outputting from the Raptor to the Sony TRV900 than using the AVmaster at 5:1 compression which my system is capable of sustaining?

2. I have read that the Raptor struggles with playing from the timeline projects in excess of 5mins, has anyone had "real" experience of playing back projects longer than this and up to at least 1 hour?

3. How does the Raptor function under NT4 SP4?

4. Will I notice much of an increase in quality when out putting from the Raptor compared to the AVmaster at 5:1, I understand that the Raptor keeps footage in the "digital domain" but is there a "really" noticeable difference compared to footage output from an AVMaster using low compression rates?