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I am experiencing a problem with capture. My first capture regardless of size goes flawlessly but the next one and those thereafter terminate at ONE SECOND!! I recently installed the Fast DV NOW AV and there seem to be no conflicts. When I originaly tested the system out this problem did not exist. Is there a setting that is causing this? Any help is really apprciated.

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Have you installed the latest software, version 1.5? There was a similar known problem, but it was solved in a recent version of the software. You can download version 1.5 from

FAST UK Technical Support

Igor Kolla
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Dear Fast Moderator,

We need urgently contact for your development departnment.

We need VfW (Video for Windows) drivers or DirectShow filters that are able to play movies.

We need your support, to continue developing our applications for AV. If these drivers are not available, we are ready to cooperate with you to develop them.

Best regards

Igor Kolla
developer departnment