capturing NTSC using Hollywood DV Bridge

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This may sound complicated. I have a PAL Sony Camcorder and an NTSC miniDV tape. The camcorder allows you to do NTSC playback in NTSC format but only in composite or Svideo format.

To capture this NTSC using Premiere, I've bought the Hollywood DV Bridge. I set it to NTSC mode and pass an analog NTSC video stream to it from the camcorder. It then does an analog-DV conversion and I capture in DV format in Premiere 6.5 (win 2000) using NTSC controls. The problem is: although the picture is clear, it appears in black and white. I do not get this problem if I use a Pal tape. Does anyone know why this problem occurs?


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probably pal 60 , i.e 60 frames but pal colours not ntsc.

there are guys on the main webboard who will do a conversion job for you

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