Car insurance for wedding videographers?

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Hello everyone...

I currently work in the media and have a nightmare with motor insurance companies. I'm thinking of setting up in the wedding vid business and was wondering whether anyone can reccommend any insurance companies, give me an idea of costs, and any other considerations to take into account... etc???

Bob Barker Again
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It Does'nt matter because when your asked what job you do for your business use (different job have various rates of insurance)there wont be a catergory for videographer.

they will ask you for some other type of business, like photographer,film maker,director,etc all of which have different rates.

Pick wisely!!

BTW insurance broker is the lowest quote in all categories. funny that!!


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I insure my video equipment thru Camerasure of Fareham Hants. As an IOV memeber I get 30% discount which is nice. I was insuring my BMW 318Ti for business use so I called Norwich Union Direct, the "Quote me Happy lot!" and told them that I was a photographer, insured all my kit with Camerasure who use Norwich Union, and mentioned that I had a couple of other small polices with them and they gave me fully comp with a second driver and no excess for £290 pa. The Thatcham Cat 1 alarm that I had to fit to meet the requirements of my Camerasure goods in transit cover, also gave me another 10% discount off my car insurance! Every little helps. I called six insurance companies and Norwich Union were £117 cheaper than the cheapest of the bunch. The AA who claim to offer cheap insurance were the most expensive!
Hope that helps.