Celcus LED24S913DVDFHD TV + DVD player combination.

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I bought this set about 16 months ago, and it has worked OK up to now. It is used in the kitchen, well away from the heat of the cooker.

It still works OK as a broadcast receiver, but a fault occurred a couple of days ago when I put a commercial CD into the player. I had not tried to play a CD at all up to that point, although I had used it regularly without any problem with both recordable and commercial DVDs.

The CD itself was brand new that day, with no dirt or scratches on the surface. It had already been played successfully on my main player, so I am reasonably, but not 100%, certain that the disc itself is not to blame. If the disc is to blame, I suspect that it would be because something in it's digital content has caused an operating-system corruption rather than a mechanical or electrical failure. It is a bit far-fetched that such a commercial CD would carry a virus which could corrupt the operating system of a player, but not completely beyond belief. I myself have had in the past to re-load operating systems into Grundig (Vestel) and other Freeview receivers when they were corrupted by something in the incoming signal.

When I loaded in the CD, the DVD loading screen came up, in monochrome. Colour was expected.

Then the CD track menu came up, also in monochrome. The track list showed:


etc up to Track06

(There are 11 tracks on the CD.)

The set refused to recognise all the navigation and control commands from the remote control, although remote commands such as volume, menu, screen, and other non-CD/DVD-specific commands still worked.

I tested the remote control by directing it into the lens of a camcorder. All buttons worked correctly.

Next, I tried a DVD+R of home camcorder footage which had played well in that drive in the past. It got no further than the top menu (which I had set as the auto-run option). The same problems of monochrome display and no response to the remote occurred.

Finally, I tried a commercial DVD which started and played, presumably because the auto-run option was not set to top menu, but all the other problems of monochrome display and non-response to the remote still applied.

Switching off, then on again after a wait, made no difference. I tried this several times with different wait times from 10 seconds up to several hours.

The set is running software upgrade V.0.3.8f, application version V.0.1.8, built on 2011-11-03 at 15:17:09.

I tried scanning for an upgrade (while tuned to BBC1), but no later version was found.

The unit continues to function perfectly well as a TV receiver both on Freeview (all channels) and on UHF C39 analogue which I use for domestic distribution.

My guess (for what that is worth) is that it is more likely than not to be an operating system corruption.

Any ideas concerning the malfunction of the drive or the operating system, and more importantly how to put it right, would be gratefully received.

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Re: Celcus LED24S913DVDFHD TV + DVD player combination.
this is the manufacturer.
It sounds to me as if something has corrupted the drive or software.
Cheaper TVs seem to use basic PC drives for the DVD. One thing that it might have done is to try to set itself to play a region specific disc and got lost along the way?
Unless you can find maybe a code for a hard reset on the web, I doubt if a repair is viable.
But it may be worth ringing vestal and asking.
 Although it may also be worth bring to get Sainsbury's to replace it as your rights don't expire after 12 months on something like a TV
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Re: Celcus LED24S913DVDFHD TV + DVD player combination.
Give it a smack. If that doesn't work take it back to the shop. 2 years in statuary now on electrical goods. EU law is retrospective as well - so it doesn't matter what the law said when you bought it.
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Re: Celcus LED24S913DVDFHD TV + DVD player combination.
Have you tried a 'cleaning' disc ?

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