Cheap but good green screen

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Hello, I need to produce a video tile for my sites and I'm looking for a green screen, good enough for the job but don't want to spend much. Any ideas? I'm looking on ebay now.

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Proper chroma paint £50 per tin. Hardbaord about £3 per sheet.

I have a 24 x 8 screen in my studio. The problem is that you can't move it.

Fabric (best is cotton like polyester as it doesn't crease too badly) in 3m rolls gives height and £50 will by a decent amount from aFabric warehouse. (try a small bit first)

Proper Lastolite units pop up/curtain £100 -200

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or you could buy pinnacle studio (I think its the ultimate version) which comes with a green screen. should get it for less than £100

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