Cheaper Anamorphic Lenses than Optex?

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I'm after buying/hiring an anamorphic 16:9 lens for my Canon XM-1 to get that nice 16:9 format and the only company that I am aware of that do these lenses are Optex ( and their prices are a bit pricey. I don't mean that they are a rip off, because they are selling a specialist piece of kit, I just wondered if there are any other, cheaper lenses out there that do the same job?

The optex ones cost

£560 + VAT to buy (ex carriage)
£80 + VAT per week to hire (ex carriage)

Anybody know of any other company that hires or manufactures these types of lenses?

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There's a very similar lens from Century Optics, and it costs about the same. It performs about as well as the Optex unit does.