Combining Two Video files side by side

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I'm trying to combine two video files into one, so that they play side by side simultaniously in this new single video file. I have played around with video editing software for a while, and all they seem to be able to do is combine the two video files so one plays over the top of the other (as in super-imposed over the top).

Can anyone tell me how I can do this? What software I should be using? I'm currently using ulead 6.5.


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Are you talking about picture in picture?

This can be done in Premiere.


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Picture in picture? I'm not 100% what you mean by that...

I'm not intending for this to be viewed on a TV or anything, so I dont need to keep the proportions right (It will only be viewed on a computer). So I'll start with two video files, which are both 100x150, and are similar in length. I want to end up with a single video file, which is 100x300, with both of the original files playing simultaniously in the resulting video file.

Is this what you mean? I might have to give Permiere a go...

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with dv footage i did the following.
create a 16:9 project
load 2 x 4:3 videos
with a slight re-arrangement you can get most of both on the same screen.

with what you want to create you just need to find a codec that allows the dimensions you want and do a similar arrangement

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Thanks Gary and Busby,

I ended up using Premiere - just created a new project template (I forget what they are really called) which had the exact dimensions I wanted (twice the size of the video files I was using), and played around with it till I got the desired effect.