Compatibility of timelapse, regular VCRs, and video capture

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I am working on a project counting salmon 24 hours a day using a timelapse VCR (panasonic 1070dc). I want read the video onto a harddisk and process it removing all frames without fish. Can the raw "timelapse" tape be played by a non-timelapse recorder into the computer? Does the video capture board "care" if the frames are recorded in timelapse mode or not? Is this the right place to ask this question? Thanks.

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While I have not personally worked with that timelaps recorder, my experience is that what is recorded is standard VHS video and the timelaps system is only the control of the pause and record. A quick way to check is to just take the tape and play it on a standard VCR.

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I have done this myself. if you play back the video in a standard vcr, everything will be on the move 3 or 4 times faster than normal (depending on 6, 12, 24 hours timelaps, etc).

I found two ways to get round this. First of all some timelaps vcr allow timelaps playback so that everything looks as though its normal speed when outputted. Second method I used was the shuttle/jog control on a standard vcr. If you have one of these controles, where you can play normal tapes in slow motion, it usualy plays a timelaps tape in real time.

Hope this helps you out.