Compressor 4 issues

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Joined: Mar 1 2012
Having recently purchased FCPX and Compressor 4, I am starting to run into an issue that has become incredibly frustrating.
Qmaster is now set up within Compressor itself rather than the previous System Preferences box. On paper this makes things much more straightforward, and it is. Unfortunately each time Compressor is booted up I have to enter my admin password. Then if I send the render to a cluster or "My Computer Plus" I have to enter my password again. It doesn't stop there. Each rendering instance (ie each core that is being used) also requires me to enter my admin password as they start up!
Finally when I come to need to quit Compressor it warns me that sharing is now about to be turned off and I have to enter my password again!
It is getting to be too much. I know from reading around on the web that I am not the only one suffering from this. Does anyone here know of any solutions to this most ridiculous of interruptions?