Computer Video magazine is to cease publication

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Computer Video magazine is to cease publication - please see the substantive thread here

Bob C

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excerpt from my full posting here :

"(DVdoctor, Inc. is) very actively exploring what can be done to provide an even better web-based DVD authoring and video editing resource than these forums currently offer, and one which is likely to be far wider-reaching in terms of its contents.

Our expectation is that there will be news, reviews and tutorials, at the very least, in addition to forums.

We hope to be able to formally announce what this will all add up to in time for the start of Video Forum 2005, on January the 25th.

In the meantime, any constructive suggestions are most welcome - in terms of what that resource should offer and how it should be funded.

Until we gain some momentum, could makers, distributors and resellers, please direct any suggestions for reviews and news to myself, and do the same for invitations to press briefings.

Please also direct commercial and advertising enquiries my way too.

My email is accessible from my profile at the head of this posting."

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