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Here's something, however, that definitely IS a bug.

Just below the purple bar across the top which has 'DV' in red and 'forums' in green, there is the word 'Contact' with the word 'Us' beneath it. These words sit on a grey background and interupt the line of text below which gives the routing of the thread.


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Re: Contact Us link - (RayL)

Hi Ray

Thanks for this bug report. I cannot reproduce this on any of my machines - I suspect it might be down to Firefox on your Windows 98. - Could you tell me which version number of firefox your running? Maybe updating to the latest version will fix this for you?


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Re: Contact Us link - (RayL)
It doesn't do that with Firefox with Windows XP or 7 on my PCs.

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Re: Contact Us link - (RayL)
I am on mac with safari and the "Contact Us" appears OK on my screen.
When I click on it I get to a page which then allows me to enter some text and send a message, I just sent a test one if that helps you in any way.