Converting 720P animation to SD

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I have a job next week where we will be starting with a 720P HD animation, and it will need to be incorporated into a DVCAM SD final output (which will be sent via a satellite uplink to the UK network broadcasters for TV News). So, the SD output will be transmitted on stations such as BBC and Sky.

The downconversion will be done using Final Cut Studio, and I wondered what output would be best - would you go via Compressor, or using QT conversion?

Would you export as a DV_AVI (results seem poor to me), A H-264, or a High Quality QT file?

Any other suggestions re settings?


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I'm no expert on encoding I have to admit from the off but I would certainly use Compressor for the encode. In terms of output from FCP, I would probably go Pro Res 720P (25 or 50 depending on the frame rate of the footage).

There is a DV PAL (no different from DVCAM) setting in Compressor. Might be a case of trial and error to see which settings work out best for you.

I worked with animation a little while while back and converting everything to Pro Res seemed to work well. I was outputting for web in Compressor so can't really comment on how the DV conversion would work out. I did make a DVD though and the MPEG2 files looked great.

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I normally do all my SD stuff via MPEG streamclip but as you say SD derived from some HD sources always looks very poor in comparison, if its for SD I tend to shoot it SD in camera, but that doesn't help you with the animation.

I think the best way to do it is with a standards converter but they can cost an arm and a leg but most broadcasters should have one, so it may be best to keep the master as pro res 4.2.2 at 720p and see if they can convert it to SD in hardware,