Cool japanese effect??

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hi we are making a commercial add on medication, you know in those japanese videos where they show the product and show the image spin onto the page and make it shock and move back and forth and flash out and back.. Ne one know how to give the image this effect?

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Most reasonable editing packages like Premiere and FCP etc. will do all of these things and more, as they are usually chocked full of transitions and effects that the average editor wouldn't touch with a barge pole once the novelty has worn off.

But they take a lot of time, practice and learning the program to be effective.

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i work with premiere and it's really possible to do the thing but it would take some time of course.

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ali23 wrote:
hi we are making a commercial add on medication

:eek: :eek:

If you read that the wrong way (which I did initially) it's really quite funny. At our studio we had to fire one of the camera operators as he was also often 'on medication' whilst he was working!! :eek: ;) :rolleyes:

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you got a lot of keyframing ahead of you