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I am making a small production about classic Motorcycles and need to use a 70s rock song.
Would the cost be to high and can this be done. Thanks for any help.

Mark M
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It can be done.... but you do need permission. You need permission from the music publisher (the publisher of the song itself) and from the publisher of the recording that you want to use, i.e. the record company. I have found it hard to get large record companies to deal with little ol' me. I have been surprised at both how much money some people want for the rights, and also by how generous others have been.
There is an additional "gotcha" in that the same "record" may be released by a different "record company" in each different country. For example, "Never Mind The Bollocks" may be on Virgin Records here, but in the USA it's on Virgin Records USA which requires a separate permission. It can be a minefield BUT there are people who will do this for you, for a fee.
The MCPS/PRS are very helpful and will talk you through everything you need to do.

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