Corel Paint Shop Pro X, Photo Album 6

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Have previously announced Corel (read JASC) PSPx, but this is a full story including 'baby' product Photo Album 6, and link to Corel acquires Jasc story,

"Corel has announced two new products since it acquired Jasc in October 2004. Image editing suite Paint Shop Pro X and image mangement program Corel Photo Album 6 will be the first silmutaneous worldwide shipment in the product line's history. PSP has a revamped user interface featuring a new, and integrated Learning Center and Browser palette. Photo Album allows you to download, organize, edit, share, and protect photos and a 'zero click download' means that your images are automatically downloaded, rotated and saved (when preferences have been set once). Corel Paint Shop Pro X including Corel Photo Album 6 – Standard Edition, will be available for $129. The Deluxe edition of Photo Album 6 is available for purchase separately priced $49."

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