Correct editing settings in FCP for high quality - help!

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Podcast Bob
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Hi folks and sorry for the dumb ass question, but I've getting confused over the endless list of settings in FCP 7 and need some direction and clarity, so any help appreciated.

I have a JVC GY-HM100 and a JVC HD40EK, I'm shooting material, not at the highest setting as the output requirements aren't full high def just yet (You Tube etc), and I can also save space on the SDHC card and so on.

So my intention is to edit and upload PAL high quality (up to 720 I guess?) on YouTube, which seems to take forever anyway.

What editing settings should I have my FCP set on for editing, and which quicktime compressor in the Sequence setting box? What 16:9 settings, square pixels or not?

When I output I tend to go for a Quick Time full render and use another software to compress it down. Does this make sense? Or should I do it all in FCP, and if so what settings?

I seem to be confusing myself over what I'm shooting in, what I am trying to edit in, and what I hope to export down to. Basically I want good quality material I can edit for high quality on-line video.

If however I wanted to edit 'proper' Hi Def, what settings should I have everything set to then?

Is there a FCP setting crib sheet somewhere I can use for reference I wonder?

Thanks for reading this and if you can help, thank you again. Hi Band U-Matic was SO much easier ;-)

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There's many different ways of working with the HM100 / FCP workflow. One example that works (I had an HM100 for a while) is this one: - I don't think there's a more knowledgeable guy than Tim Dashwood who knows the HM100 / 700 cameras and FCP.

When edited, export either self contained or as a reference file then import that into Compressor and use a YouTube preset (available for free from Ken Stone's site IIRC).

Upload result to YT - simples.

Dave Farrants Fox Video Editing

Podcast Bob
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Thanks Dave, nice to hear from you again.

I was just getting confused over System Settings and Edit Settings between HQ and SQ, and going down hill rapidly. ;-)

Plus I wanted to get clear in my head what codec and format external programs should be mastering video in, to make them FCP compatible.

What a confusing bright new world we find ourselves in!