cpu compatibility question DC30+

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jaleeb caru
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Truevision has merged with Miro. They will upgrade my Bravado 2000 to a DC30+ to counteract B2K compatibility issues (due to this you cannot capture audio through the capture card you must go through your soundcard). Is the DC30+ going to be compatible with my system; ATX AL9 Mainboard, K6-AMD 333, Win 98 OS, ATI 8MG Xpert 98, and Premier 5.x?
The Miro webpage lists a problem with the K6-AMD 233, but they have no more information. When contacted, they did not have any specifics as to what the problem may be.
Also, they say that the instant video is part of the DC30+ drivers rather than a separate program, will this function on my existing Premier?
I'm using MSPro and it's adequate, but it rarely crashes. Has anyone had any problems?

Thank you very much for your time and experience.